bible study groups

We have a variety of Bible Study classes for all ages that meet on Sunday Mornings at 9.30am and Connection Classes that meet at various times during the week.  We encourage you to get connected to these groups as you seek to grow and mature in your walk with the Lord.

Sunday Morning Bible Study Groups

Speak Life Class- Teacher: Various Facilitators

Designed for couples who are 50's and above

Located in Hall B, room B3

Connection Class- Teacher: Jeremy Martinez

Designed for those who are 50's and above

Located in the Choir Room, behind the Worship Center

Defenders Class- Teachers: Jeff and Mendi Bonner

Designed for couples who are 30's/50's
Located in Hall A, room A1

Breakthrough Class- Teacher: Loney Wilson

Designed for those who are 30's/40's

Located in Hall B, room B1

The GAP Class- Teacher: Rick Pearson
Designed for those who are 30's

Located in the Fellowship Hall

Crossover Class- Teacher: Steven Bridges

Designed for those who are 20's/30's

Located in Hall B, room B4

Fellowship Class- Teacher: Walt Parry

Various ages

Located in Hall A, Conference Room

Pathway Class - Teacher: Mutt Villarreal

College age - 20's

Located in Hall A, Room A2

Student Ministry Classes-
Teachers: Kevin Costley, Taima Beam and Johnny and Tricia Knowlton 

Designed for students in 6th-12th grades

Located in Hall C, Student Ministry Center

Children's Class

For Children in K-5th grades

Located in Hall C- Children's Ministry Department

Preschool- Michelle Luster, Preschool Director

Bed babies through Pre-K

Located in the Nursery in the Atrium

Connection small groups


Men’s Study, led by Rick Pearson, 6.00pm

220 E. Francis (All-American Pest Control)

Men’s Study, 6.00pm
425 S. Price Road (TxAm Pumps)

Couple's Study, led by Walt Parry, 6:00pm

1804 N. Wells or 1513 N Dwight,

Call 663-2680 to verify weekly location


Ladies Study, led by Taima Beam, 6.30pm

CBC Choir Room


Apologia Institute, led by Paul Beam, 7.00pm
CBC B Hall, Room B4


Ladies Study, led by Anita Ruiz, 6.30pm

CBC Hall A, Conference Room

Ladies Study, led by Courtney Blackmon, 6.30pm

CBC Hall A, Room A1

Calvary Book Club, led by Paul Beam and Steven Bridges, 6.30pm

CBC Atrium

Couples Class, led by Mutt Villarreal, 6:30pm

CBC Hall A, Room A2

Couples Study, led by Glen and Shannon Greanya, 6.30pm

123 Walnut Creek Road

*For study titles, please contact the Teacher/Facilitator or the Church Office