What is a Disciple?

At Calvary, we believe God has tasked the church with making disciples that make disciples.  In order for us to accomplish this task, we must first understand what a disciple is.

Simply put, a disciple is someone who knows Christ, commits to Christ, and follows Christ.

On the graphic below, we have given a broader definition of those three characteristics.

While we understand that it's impossible to live up to each of these characteristics perfectly, we believe that we honor God by striving to live out these characteristics in our daily life.

Discipleship Pathway at Calvary

Mentor Membership
-Prospective members will meet with mentors to learn the responsibilities of membership at Calvary

Foundations Class
-6 week class designed to teach some of the basics of the Christian faith

Life Groups
-Bible study groups that meet on Sunday mornings

Small Groups
-Small groups designed to teach believers accountability, develop personal relationships, and study specific, focused biblical topics

Whetstone Weekend
-Retreat designed to teach believers how to become disciple makers 

Apologia Institute
-College level theological courses designed to deepen the understanding and faith of the believer