Small groups meet at various times and in various places during the week.

Contact the teacher/facilitator to confirm meetings and places.

  • Men's bible study

    Led by various teachers, Sundays at 6.00pm

    For men of all ages

    Located in Hall C, CBC Student Ministry Hall

  • men's bible study

    Led by Glen Greanya, Sundays at 6.30pm
    For men of all ages

    Located at 2211 Aspen

  • couple's bible study

    Led by Walt Parry, Sundays at 6.00pm

    For older couples

    Located at 1804 N. Wells or 1513 N Dwight,

    Call 663-2680 to verify weekly location

  • Christian apologetics

    Led by Paul Beam, Sundays at 4.00pm
    Sign-up has closed for this class

    Click here for information for our upcoming classes

    Located in Hall B, Room B4

  • Ladies bible study

    Led by Taima Beam, Mondays at 6.30pm

    For ladies of all ages

    Located in CBC Choir Room