At Calvary, we believe that Christ's clear mandate for the church is to make disciples that make disciples- fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ who have been transformed by the Gospel.  We believe that the process of becoming a disciple of Christ is a life-long process of being transformed from who we once were to who He calls us to be.

It is our passion to encourage people along this process by:

Connecting people with Christ- by preaching and teaching that the only way to salvation and forgiveness of sin is through Jesus Christ.
Connecting people with His Truth- by helping believers to follow  and apply God's Word through Christ-centered Bible Study, Worship, and Discipleship.
Connecting people to His Church- by helping believers to connect to other believers in both the local and global church for encouragement, support, and accountability.

Connecting people with His Mission- by providing believers the opportunity to participate in mission and service projects- locally, nationally, and internationally.

We encourage our members to use the gifts and talents that God has given them to serve and give unto others.

We are a sending church that seeks to send our members on mission, with God, proclaiming Christ and the Gospel, which is "the power of God unto Salvation".